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CASE #001
CLIENT  Philippe Jamesse

YEAR 2020

CATEGORY Special customized development, OEM, Logistic

CS#1: 画像
20180420_MKB_0664_original (2).jpeg

Mr. Philippe Jamesse

 Jamesse founded "DNA champagne&wine" in 2019 after working as a top chef-sommelier at a star rated restaurant in "Chateau Les Crayères".

 It was to enlighten the world of wine and champagne in worldwide. During his activity, he found that a glass was the important key to enjoy the beverage. Then he developed his original wine glass at Lehmann, glassware factory in France.

  He is now called "the most sophisticated sommelier in champagne" in France.

  In 2017, the encounter with Japanese sake attracted him, and the promotion of Japanese sake became his passion. He’s now working on the promotion of sake in the world.

CS#1: 私たちについて

An encounter of Mr. Phillipe Jamesse and JTC

Mr. Philippe Jamesse, who is a top sommelier in France and is in charge of the sake competition "Kura Master" held in France, has been searching a partner who could develop his idea of Sake glassware.

 As he visited and got to know Japanese Sake breweries, he'd come up with an idea of ideal Sake glass. Yet, it didn't come true easily due to the difficulty of the design. His ideal glassware had too unique shape to produce. Then he was introduced JTC, with experience of 40 years in glassware. He and JTC had spent time to share the idea and agreed to work to develop as partners.

CS#1: 概要

The concept and passion for the Sake glass

 "All creatures and nature are harmonized as a shape of sphere. Every resource are from the center of it."

Japanese sake is balanced and harmonized in the base of people’s mind, tradition, rice, water, solid, and weather. To express the harmonized drink with the perfect glass, the shape needed to be sphere. It has a dent in the center of the glass as if Japanese sake is born from this glass. And the shape of a sphere traps the scent to the utmost limit.

 The rim of the mouth was warped so that sake flows smoothly on the tongue.

CS#1: 概要

The difficulty of the development

The story from glass factory

Blowing the glass with the thinness of 1mm is of course hard. But the hardest part for this glass, was to make a hollow in the bottom of it. Our first try was to use the press-pole as the glass was still hot and soft, which didn't succeed. In the end we came to use a small drill to make a hollow, not to effect to its strength. It was only 2mm thinness and very challenging for us how much we could respond to the request.

CS#1: 概要

The difficulty of the development

The story from the porcelain factory

 It was the most difficult shape in our experience. Addition to that, we had a task to make a hollow in the bottom. The concept for this project, was to produce it as thin as possible. That means, cast  molding was not usable. We came to use the potter's wheel and trowel. However, the trowel had be double sized, compared to normal one, to make a sphere and hollow. We fixed the trowel by sharpening 1mm by 1mm. It took us more than 2 weeks to make a perfect trowel.

 It needed the highest technique to produce the ideal shape.

CS#1: 概要

The reason Mr.Phillipe chose JTC

The most important point for this glass was to bring out all the elements Japanese sake has.
To pull out all the charms each Japanese sake has, such as water, earth, weather, rice, the glass plays the most important role. I instantly knew that JTC members were very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about glass, and they understood my concept as I talked.
I was confident that we could work out together to make this glass come true.

CS#1: 概要
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