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CASE #002

Original Wine glass for "Gin no Shizuku", the very first wine made from Sake yeast in the world

CLIENT A sommelier from win shop in Tokyo


CATEGORY Original designed shape glass development

CS#2: 画像

The glass to taste the miracle first white wine in the world

More than 7 years since the idea of Mr. Pascal Marty who is a winemaker of Mouton, Opus One. The Wine Shop Sommelier in Tokyo, has produced an innovative white wine used No,7 yeast.
It was supported by Mr.Hiroshi Sakurai (Asahi sake brewery of "Dassai"), Mr,Nao Aki (writer awarded a cultural medal in France).
To enjoy the best of it, they were looking for the perfect glass for that.

CS#2: 私たちについて

The speed from the idea to the delivery

It was already September when the idea of creating the glass came out. They wanted to introduce the special glass in the middle of November for Beaujolais Nouveau. Yet it was just an idea, no actual glass. They didn’t want to use the glass already in the market because they knew none of it could pull out its attractiveness.
Then the idea came to JTC which had connected with many factories, good at developing original glasses. We acted quickly, scheduling, selecting, sampling some, and tasting with them. After they selected, we started producing in the factories, also running to arrange wooden gift boxes, to make it work for the event in November. Even though it was a tight schedule, everything went along smoothlyby that time and succeed to see all the guests being happy.

CS#2: 概要
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