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CASE #003 
The craftmanship reviving from the time of 300 years

CLIENT  La maison

YEAR xxx

CATEGORY Starting up, OEM, support of sales

CS#3: 画像

The lost technique through long history

In the 18th- beginning of19th century, many glass factories were established in the area of Alsace and Lorene, the north east of France, and the east Belgium. It was the time when the high crystal technique was born, leading to the modern cut technique. It was the moment when the crystal was at the mature stage. In the middle of 20th century, the automation has developed and many hand-made factories had disappeared. Their piece of works were gone and it was only in the museum or antiques we could see.

CS#3: 私たちについて

Selecting design/Studying factories

As we talked with our client, the concept was set, which is, “The technique we should pass on to the future”. Through our knowledge and experience, and the history of the glassware, the revival design was the ones from 18th-19th century.

We studied with catalogues and resources in the past, and the antique collections of our over 400 items. We set the quantities, price, and the strategy for sales.

52841-51548 Wine 160g.png
CS#3: 概要

Designing, studying and producing by the high-skilled craftsman

Based on the design selected, drawing , quantities, price, were set. At the same time, we set the delivery as well. The high-skilled cut design can be done only by the high-skilled craftsman. Samples were made, fixing the over times, to keep the best quality.

CS#3: 概要
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